Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... Who would you like to hump this hump day?

Maybe it's because of your soft, silky voice. Or the fact that you might be in New Jersey, or you might be in India. Maybe it's because your roaming and local and monthly and allotted in-network and out-of-network call calculations are impossible to understand. And I like a complicated woman. Maybe it's because you are usually no help whatsoever. And because when you put me on hold, I sometimes wonder if you're ever going to come back at all. Maybe it's because you mispronounce my name in ways I could have never imagined. Or maybe it's even because, once in a while, you mistake me for a woman. And that's somehow weirdly titillating.

Verizon Customer Service Girl, today, you are my Hump Day Hussy.

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Blogger minijonb said...


How do you mispronounce "Evil Discussor" ???


12:50 PM  
Blogger concha said...

i will sooo take her down.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous sarah said...

dear evil discussor,
when do i get my cheese fries?

11:47 AM  
Blogger Evil Discussor said...

Your cheese fries are being sent priority post and should arrive no later than Monday.

3:42 PM  
Anonymous sarah said...

awww...i was hoping for personal delivery!

1:49 PM  

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