Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... When you're around little kids, do you sometimes worry you'll get punched in the balls?

Funny you should ask. Yes. Yes I do. Because little kids are little. Often around ball height. And they're also prone to do wild and irrational things. Like swing their arms suddenly. Or do the chicken dance. And that's a combination that can only lead to disaster. Big bad ball disaster.

Like look at this little kid. If he doesn't have that "I Might Look Sheepish But In A Second I'm Gonna Punch You Hard In the Balls Look" then I'm just crazy.

And how bout this punk with the mullet/rat's tail. This ball punching mulleted kid obviously just got done punching some guy's balls in the departure lounge and is probably looking for another victim.

So, yeah. Yeah I worry. I worry a lot.



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