Friday, March 17, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... Is this your only job?

Oh yeah, answering your stupid questions really pays the bills. Come on. I write a blog. I'm a blogger. A blog blog blogger. A bloggy oggy ogger. A very accomplished blogger, yes. But think about it. How do you think I acquire all this awesome knowledge? By sitting here typing away? Of course not. I'll tell you how. World travel. And that sort of travel isn't cheap. So how do you think I can afford all this world travel so as to acquire all this awesome knowledge? Of course I have a day job.

What it is, I can't tell you. The last thing I need is you hanging around my office lobby in the morning as I'm making my way into work, calling after me, "Hey Evil Discussor! Will you sign my tit?" I really don't need that in my life.

So, short answer: no. Long answer: read above.



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