Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... Does it bother you that your initials are the same as erectile dysfunction?

Now that you brought it up, Copyranter, yes. Yes it does.

So much so, in fact, that I am right now considering changing my name entirely.

There. I considered it. And decided against it. Because, you know what? My initials might be the same as that horrible bad peeny problem, but they're also the same as Electric Dancer. Elegant Diner. Epicurious Designer. Episcopal Druid. Epitome of Dastardliness. Even-handed Dope-fiend. Everlastingly Dashing. Eclectic Doll collector. Energetic Doomsdayer. Everlastingly Dashing again. Extra Deadly. And, fuck, those are all the ones I can think of. You'd think I'd be able to come up with more. After all, I am brilliant. But I can't. Cause my head is soft right now. So soft. Need rest.



Blogger copyranter said...

also Eat Dirt.

11:17 AM  

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