Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... Where've you been, you horrible motherfucker? I missed you.

Whoa. Easy, buddy. I mean, I missed you too, but come on. Don't confuse hate for love or love for hate or vice versa or whatever.

I've been busy. Crazy busy, k? Plotting my world domination. Planning revenge against all those who might've wronged me be it purposely or accidentally. Conducting crazy elaborate deadly science experiments in my basement.

Alright, fine. I haven't been doing any of that. I don't even have a basement, sucker. I've just been on the phone alot really. And maybe, as a previous post mentioned, spending much of my time looking into unloading ludicrous amounts of hard-earned cashola on the tiniest apartment ever built by man.

What else is a man to do? It's our innate nature to want to own land. And also, of course, to want to receive bi-weekly fellating. The former need might soon be taken care of.
The latter, I'm still working on.



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