Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... Why were you getting all Lenny Bruce-like about that Roll n Roaster thing?

I suppose I was getting a tad obsessive, a wee bit fanatically maniacal, and mildly later-years Lenny Bruce-ish about the whole R-n-R closing, and the subsequent all-out comment page war, which it turns out, was mostly in my head.

You might think that I was just trying to stir the blog pot a bit yesterday, maybe gain a whole new slew of readership. You might think I tasted fame and wanted to suck its toes bone dry. You might think it was a concerted effort on my part to garner some undeserved attention, glory, an over-priced book deal and a lucrative development contract at HBO for a pilot about a guy who writes a blog under the name Evil Discussor by day, but is actually a crime fighting masked avenger with access to all sorts of crazy wicked gadgetry and millions of dollars in Swiss bank accounts willed to him by his now deceased (or is he?) great uncle Baron Von Frank. Or you might think it was simply an attempt on my part to win over the ladies. You might think all these things. And you'd be right. I see how this blog world works. And I'm going to ride its digi coattails all the way to the top! Bring it on!

Or, more likely, don't.

Dear Evil Discussor... Is it true that the Roll n Roaster is closing?

Dear Evil Discussor... Have you ever been mentioned on

Dear Evil Discussor... Is anyone who dislikes Roll n Roaster a total and complete jackass?


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