Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... Have you ever been mentioned on curbed.com?

Why, yes. Just this morning in fact.


I'm so famous now, I barely even have to bother posting today. But I will. That's how dedicated to you I am, dearest reader. Even with all of this success, I haven't changed. I still put in the time. I'm still down with you, pleebs. I'm still the same old Evil Discussor. Just a little bit better than you, that's all.

I suggest to you, friends, that you make a pilgrimage to the Roll n Roaster in these next couple of weeks and get your last bites of their sumptuous offerings. Enjoy it while you can. I myself will be holding down a booth there, stuffing roast beef into my face at a furious pace, slurping as much lemonade as humanly possible, filling my knapsack with side order cups of Cheez, refusing to leave, getting into a scuffle with the management, jumping the counter, dunking my head in the gravy vat, handcuffing myself to the Cheez Squeezing Pleezing machine, yelling obscenities, getting carted away by the popo, posting bail, and then of course, organizing the inevitable Roll n Roaster candlelight vigil.

Hope to see you there.

With warm regards,

Dear Evil Discussor... Is it true that the Roll n Roaster is closing?


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