Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dear Evil Discussor... How do I go about submitting a question for you to answer?

Well, the best way is to write it in the comments page of my most recent post. That way I'll be sure to read it and, if you're lucky and worthy enough, I will respond to it in a post.

Alright, okay, forget about luck and worth, I'll respond to everything. I promise. I'm desperate.

Imagine how proud and happy you'll feel on that fateful morning when you arrive at your humdrum office job, tired and world-weary, wondering where it all went, evaluating your own little existence, and check in with your dear friend Evil Discussor, only to discover that your question is being answered! That your very own important question is the sole focus of such a popular and amazing blog! What excitement!

Of course, if your question is a dumb-ass question, that initial delight might start to dissipate when you realize that I, like usual, in a half-hearted attempt to make you feel just a little bit stupid and useless, am craftily, meticulously, seamlessly and hilariously picking apart your question like a disgustingly fat-riddled, gristly piece of chuck steak. Like the school nurse picking the nits out of your hair with one of those pointy little sticks that felt so good scratching away at your head cause your scalp was so damn freaking itchy. Like the... umm... That's how... That's how I'll... umm... That's how I do... what... the point... of...well, whatever. I forget.



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